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Services Offered

We restring baseball and softball gloves. We also clean and condition gloves as well.  

New and Old Gloves

Wether you have a glove that you have had for years or a brand new glove that you want to change the laces , we can do it all !

Glove Lace

  • Price of lace is included in glove relace price.  Some lace colors can increase glove restring cost
  • There are many colors of lace that we can get if the vendors that we purchase from have it in stock.  

What's Your Next Step

  • If you would like a quote please send us an email with pictures of the glove you would like restrung and then what color of lace you would like in the glove.  Please also include your location to see if we need to include return shipping in the quote.
  • Once we receive that information then we can give you an estimated price on what it would cost to restring your glove. 

Turnaround Time

  • Based on the current work flow at the time of the request and then what lace we have in at the time, the turnaround times can vary.  Typically we try to have the gloves back to you within a week from when the glove is received. 
  • We understand that the glove you send us might be your only glove that you have so please check with us on the turnaround time when you inquire about the cost.  We will be upfront an honest on the time because it doesn't do anyone any good if we tell you one thing and do another 


  • We have 15 years of experience in restringing gloves, cleaning and conditioning them as well. 
  • We have dealt with all kinds of different web designs as well.  We understand that your glove is your life line so we take pride in putting your glove back into working order or just making it look a little different.

Glove Work June 2019

Just a few completed glove work jobs

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